Rant My Life: Dez Bryant's Missed Catch in Week 8 Could Have Dallas Cowboys in First Place

After Monday’s finish between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, the NFC East is all of a sudden up for grabs between these two teams and the Dallas Cowboys heading into Week 14. While the Cowboys need a few things to go their way over the next couple of weeks along with finding ways to win games, it’s difficult not to wonder how things could be different at this point in the season if they won their Week 8 matchup against the Giants.

For those of you that remember this key matchup, Dallas appeared to have won the game after Dez Bryant hauled in the game-winning 37-yard touchdown catch with 10 seconds left, but the play was overturned after the wide receiver’s hand came down out of bounds. Instead of the win, the Cowboys fell to their division rivals 29-24–which could have made a major impact in the current standings.

With the win, Dallas would be 7-5 at this point in the season instead of 6-6 with a one-game lead in the NFC East. Football is a team sport and it’s unfair to blame one individual for certain losses, but with the way Bryant was playing at the beginning of the season–it’s difficult not to be frustrated with Bryant failing to keep his hand in bounds on this play.

As a wide receiver in the NFL, this is one of those things players need to be aware of in these types of situations and Dallas better hope they don’t fall one game short of making the playoffs as they’ll be kicking themselves over the outcome of Week 8.

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