Rant My Life: Nick Lachey Defends Cincinnati Bengals and Deserves Respect For Doing So

For those of you familiar with Nick Lachey, he’s arguably one of the biggest Cincinnati fans in the country–especially when it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have emerged as one of the hottest teams over the last few weeks and Lachey was lucky enough to attend Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers–that is until he was kicked out.

Apparently, Lachey was forced to leave Sunday’s game after an altercation with another Chargers fan, but based off his responses on Twitter–it doesn’t look like Lachey did anything wrong. It would be one thing if Lachey was causing a scene, but his Twitter feed makes it seem like all he was doing was defending himself and the Bengals when an obnoxious fan got up in his face during the game.

If this was all happened–there’s nothing wrong with what Lachey did and having him escorted from the game is nothing but ridiculous.

Just like everyone else at the stadium, Lachey was just trying to enjoy watching his favorite team play and one individual who was most likely frustrated over the way the game was going for San Diego ruined it for everybody else. There was nothing wrong with what Lachey did and if anything–he should be earning more respect from his fan base for sticking up for his team on the road.

Lachey’s never been afraid to speak his mind when it comes to his beloved Cincinnati teams and it’s good to see him stick up for his actions from Sunday.

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