The NBA: Becoming Pointless or More Powerful?

With “Super teams” like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat being built many are shying away from the NBA as a whole. However, the NBA remains a hot topic around any water cooler across the country and fans are still clamoring over stars like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.

Now, the NBA has always been a league built around the star rather than the name on the front of the jersey. In particular only five players are on the floor at once and the load is placed upon top tier players more than sports like baseball or especially football. With this power to sway the outcome of the game many Americans see these stars as egotistical athletes who are too good for their own good.

The culture in the NBA may seem off-kilter at times but David Stern has done an incredible job fixing the stuck up image many of these stars carry. In particular, Stern implemented a “dress code” policy in 2005 to help his stars feel and thus act more professional both on and off the court. This act has definitely helped the league’s players attain more credibility.

Another argument is that teams like the Charlotte Bobcats or New Orleans Hornets have no hope because of insufficient funds or David Stern’s dream to stock pile teams like the Heat and the Lakers. Now, while the NBA does have parity these teams are not exactly hopeless. Look at the Los Angeles Clippers success these last two seasons after being the laughing stock of the league for years prior.

At the end of the day, the topic is up for debate. Is the NBA on life support or is it stronger than ever?