Rant My Life: Washington Nationals Making Huge Mistake With Dan Haren

Last season, the Washington Nationals emerged as the team to beat in the NL East as they went on to win their first division title in franchise history since making the move from Montreal thanks to having one of the league’s best pitching rotations. On Tuesday, the Nationals decided to add to their dominant rotation that already consists of Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, and Jordan Zimmerman by signing Dan Haren to a one-year deal, but this doesn’t seem like the best move for a team expected to be a strong World Series contender once again in 2013.

Despite performing better towards the end of the season, Haren is coming off a 2012 campaign in which he finished with a 12-13 record to go along with a 4.33 ERA. The fact that Washington is willing to take a risk on Haren for the short term by paying him $13 million for one season considering he’s recorded just one winning season over the last three years is a move that just doesn’t seem to make sense.

There were plenty of other options the Nationals could have gone with when it comes to pitching and for a player that’s already 32-years-old who appears to be on the downfall of his career–this seems like a move the organization will regret for the 2013 season. There was a reason why the Los Angeles Angels decided to pass on picking up Haren’s option for the 2013 season and $13 million seems like a lot of money to cough up for a player like Haren.

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