Rant My Life: Acquiring Carson Palmer Was a Mistake For Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders made a bold move last year when they decided to surrender a future first and second round pick to acquire Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals. At the time, the Raiders were in desperate need of a quarterback after Jason Campbell went down with a season-ending injury–but it’s even more clear that Palmer was not their answer.

Considering how weak the AFC West was at the time, there was a point during the 2011 season when Oakland seemed capable of winning the division when they were 7-4 heading into Week 13 before they went on to lose four of their final five games. It was understandable to see Palmer struggle at times considering he was technically “retired” for a brief period of time at the beginning of the season, but the Raiders should have been smarter about their decision to give up as many draft picks as they did.

Oakland should have realized Palmer wasn’t worth giving up a first and second round pick and despite throwing for over 3,800 yards with 22 touchdowns through the first 13 games this season–the argument can be made that most of those numbers came during garbage time. There was a time when Palmer was one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but the deal made with the Bengals may be one of the worst trades in NFL history and makes the Raiders look foolish as an organization.

Thursday marked the team’s sixth-straight loss as they head into Week 15 with a 3-13 record and the biggest question heading into the offseason will be whether or not it’s time to part ways with Palmer and focus on finding a new quarterback to build the franchise around during April’s draft.

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