Washington Redskins Worried Despite Overtime Victory

Evan Habeeb/ US PRESWIRE

Not too often does a team get an overtime victory with playoff implications and feel like they lost afterwards. The Washington Redskins are familiar with that feeling after a right knee injury to Robert Griffin III with only 1:49 left to play on Sunday. Believe it or not, Griffin came back. After convincing Redskin coaches he was OK, Griffin would wind up back on the sidelines as he didn’t feel he gave the team the best shot to win. No one has ever accused of Griffin of not being a gamer, however his durability is now a question. Quarterbacks get hurt, its the nature of the NFL. However, does RG3’s style of play lend him for more injuries during his already fascinating career.

At 6-2 233 LBS, Robert Griffin is listed as the same height and weight as Super Bowl and regular season MVP Aaron Rodgers. Oddly enough, Griffin’s size has been criticized attached with issues regarding his ability to stay healthy in  such a dangerous league–no such critique for the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Griffin’s 105 rush attempts to Rodger’s 43 may have something to do with that. At the end of the day, the Redskins have put up a remarkable 2012 season and are attacking teams with a running attack foreign to the NFL.

Kirk Cousins made the plays on Sunday to get Washington to 7-6, earning the Redskins a 7th seed in the NFC. But, to expect Cousins to bring a postseason birth to the nation’s capital is asinine. Upon dazzling even moderate NFL fans, Griffin and the Redskin offense has revolutionized part of the game. With that being said, all hands must be on deck in order for Mike Shanahan to attain the success he had in Denver.