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Rant My Life: No Need to Hype Up Nick Foles Just Yet

Great news for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans–the eight-game losing streak came to an end on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in thrilling fashion as Nick Foles found Jeremy Maclin for the one-yard touchdown catch as time expired for the 23-21 win. While Foles deserves plenty of credit for pulling off an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter and performance, there’s no reason to be making a huge deal about the rookie quarterback just yet considering it was only one game.

Foles completed 32 of 51 passes for 381 yards to go along with three total touchdowns (one rushing) against the Buccaneers on Sunday to help the Eagles pick up their first win since the end of September. With the way things have played out this season between Andy Reid most likely being on his way out and the struggles behind Michael Vick on offense, this was just the type of win Philadelphia needed on Sunday to give them some sort of confidence towards the end of the season.

However, all of the talk surrounding Foles being the answer when it comes to the future of the Eagles is absolutely ridiculous to be talking about at the moment. Keep in mind this was just one game against the worst passing defense in the league in the Buccaneers–meaning any quarterback is capable of putting up big numbers each week.

The potential is certainly there, but there’s no reason to hype of Foles based off Sunday alone–so Eagles fans need to calm down.

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