Looking at the Top Five WAGs of 2012

5. Lauren Tannehill

Even if Ryan Tannehill ends up being one of the biggest busts down the road, football fans will always be huge fans of his wife Lauren. She caught the eyes of many fans during the draft in April and the argument can be made this year’s version of Hard Knocks would not have been as fun to watch without the beautiful presence of Lauren at times.

4. Carrie Underwood

She’s beautiful. She has a great smile. And she’s one of the best singers in the country.

Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators may be one of the luckiest players in the NHL and as devastating as the lockout has been to fans and players–he should consider  himself lucky for the extra time he gets to spend with his beautiful wife.

3. Alex Morgan

Let’s be honest–how many people watched the women’s soccer team this past summer just because they wanted to see Morgan on the field? It’s one thing when a male is lucky enough to find a female who enjoys watching sports, but to find one that plays one as well–make sure you hang on to her Servando Carrasco.

2. Brooklyn Decker

It was a big year for Decker as husband Andy Roddick retired from the game of tennis and she starred in Battleship–even though it flopped at the Box Office. On the bright side, at least she was fun to look at in the Adam Sandler hit Just Go With It.

1. Kate Upton

Is there any surprise here? Justin Verlander is arguably the luckiest athlete in the world for dating the popular model and if you’ve never seen her famous “Cat Daddy” video–you’re clearly lying to cover it up.

Thanks to Terry TV for the video below: