NFL Fan Rant From Bud Light: Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Edition

There’s no question the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have one of the best rivals in the NFL and when it comes to their fans–both team’s have two of the best as well. So when these AFC North rivals were scheduled to meet for a key Week 13 matchup, you knew it was going to be memorable.

Even though the Steelers were playing without star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, plenty of fans made the trip down to Baltimore for this Week 13 game as they were looking forward to keep their playoff hopes alive. The funny thing is–Pittsburgh fans received a surprise as Charlie Batch helped the Steelers pull off the 23-20 win after leading the team to 10 points scored in the fourth quarter.

While the AFC North may be out of question for the Steelers, fans were certainly pleased to earn bragging rights considering the Ravens could have locked up the division title with a win. For a team that many have placed in the category of being a Super Bowl contender with the way they’ve played this season, this was supposed to be an easy game for Baltimore to win at home over Pittsburgh–but that obviously was far from the case.

There are plenty of great rivalries when it comes to sports fans, but it’s difficult to top the passion shown between Steelers and Ravens fans whenever these two teams meet up. As you can see in the video above, these fans love cheering their team on every Sunday and have no problem discussing why their fan base is better than the other.

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