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Ranter X: Mark Sanchez is a Joke When it Comes to Starting NFL Quarterbacks

The New York Jets entered Monday’s game against the Tennessee Titans with a chance to still make the playoffs if they could win the three remaining games of the regular season. Unfortunately, those playoff dreams quickly disappeared after their 14-10 loss to the Titans and while it’s difficult to blame one individual–it’s hard not to let this loss fall on the shoulders of Mark Sanchez once again.

For the fifth time in six games, Sanchez failed to cross the 200-yard mark after completing just 13 of 28 passes for 131 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions as the Jets fell 14-10 to the Titans–their eighth loss of the season. Considering their final three opponents had 14 wins combined, New York seemed to be in the perfect position for a late playoff push, but Monday’s loss ruined any chance of that happening this year.

For a player scheduled to make $8.25 million next season, the numbers Sanchez has been putting up in 2012 is completely unacceptable and Monday’s game is the perfect example of how bad things are in New York. Not only is Sanchez tied for the most turnovers heading into Week 16 with 23, but he’s thrown just 13 touchdowns all season.

Rex Ryan has done everything in his power to defend Sanchez over the years, but sooner or later–the head coach just needs to realize his quarterback isn’t fit to be a starter in the NFL. The fact that Sanchez’s ability as a quarterback has been questioned for a few years now should be a major hint to New York as an organization and they certainly have a lot of thinking to do when it comes to whether or not it’s worth taking the financial hit by parting ways with the quarterback before 2013.

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