Ranter X: Why Don't the Buffalo Bills Use C.J. Spiller More on Offense?

At this point, it should come as no surprise to see the Buffalo Bills have another disappointing season considering the last time they finished with a winning record came during the 2004 season. The Bills head into Week 16 with a 5-9 record and while it’s not always fair to play the “what if” game–it’s difficult not to wonder how this season could have been different if the coaching staff used C.J. Spiller more in the offense.

For a player as talented as Spiller, Buffalo should be doing everything in their power to have Spiller involved in the offense as much as possible considering the potential he showed at the beginning of the season. After rushing for 297 yards and three touchdowns over the first two games, Spiller quickly cooled down for the Bills on offense as he only received 19 carries over the next three games.

In fact–the only time Spiller received more carries in a game came during Week 11 against the Miami Dolphins in which he rushed for 91 yards on 22 carries.

There’s no question Spiller has the potential to be one of the most dynamic threats in the league considering he can be just as effective through the air as on the ground, but Buffalo failed to take advantage of this throughout the regular season. If they want any chance of competing in the AFC East next season, they better realize how dangerous they can be when Spiller is more involved in the offense.

Otherwise–they’ll just be in for another disappointing season.

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