Rant My Life: NHL Lockout Continues to Be Unfair For Fans

Hockey fans have been anxiously waiting over the last few months for the NHL Lockout to end with the slightest hope there will still be some sort of season in 2013. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look promising anytime soon after the league canceled even more games this week.

The league canceled games through January 14–which means they officially cross the 50 percent mark for the 2012-13 season when it comes to games that will no longer be happening. Both sides are scheduled to meet once again on Friday, but with the way these types of discussions have gone so far–fans shouldn’t expect any progress anytime soon.

The fact that over 600 games have already been canceled at this point is nothing short of ridiculous and it’s unfair for the fans who look forward to the regular season year after year. Both parties could have easily come to an agreement weeks ago if they weren’t so selfish and it’s getting to desperation mode where if they don’t reach an agreement anytime soon–it’s going to be too late to have any sort of season at all.

If they cared about their fans at all, both sides would be doing whatever it takes to get a new deal in place instead of seeing more games canceled while missing out on millions and millions of dollars. However, with the way talks have been going over the last couple of weeks, it wouldn’t be a surprise if fans had to start looking forward to the 2013-14 season instead.

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