NFC Playoff Picture...Get Ready for the Confusion

The 2012 NFC Playoff picture is about as complicated at the US Budget. All we know is that the Atlanta Falcons are currently the number one seed and will play at home throughout the playoffs. After that, it becomes a Nancy Drew Mystery.

Let’s start with what we know. The Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs. If the season ended today, the Minnesota Vikings would be the last Wildcard team. The NFC East winner would be either the Washington Redskins or the Dallas Cowboys. But the season isn’t ending today. That is why this is a crazy mess.

The Packers can lock up the second seed with a win over the Vikings. The 49ers need a Packers loss and a win at home against the Arizona Cardinals. And the Seahawks can still earn the second seed with a win at home over the St. Louis Rams and losses by the Packers and 49ers.

If the Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions, they’ll eliminate the New York Giants from the playoffs. Then the Bears fans will actually have to cheer for the Packers against the Vikings. If the Vikings lose and the Bears win, the Bears will be the sixth seed. If the Vikings win, they’re the six seed. If the Bears and Vikings lose, the Redskins are in the playoffs regardless of their game against the Cowboys. The Vikings can still get into the playoffs even if they lose with losses by the Bears, Giants and Cowboys. The Cowboys can only enter the playoffs as the NFC East Champions. The Redskins can enter as either the division champion or wildcard team.

In other words, the Bears have to win and hope for help. The Giants have to win and hope for a lot of help. The Cowboys have to win and the Redskins can get help or win. The Vikings need to just win.

It will be a complicated weekend. So stay tuned to Rant Sports and we’ll have the latest breaking news in regards to the NFC Playoff picture.