Rant Sports 2012 Holiday Blooper Reel

2012 has been filled with plenty of great stories in the sports world from LeBron James winning his first NBA title to the San Francisco Giants winning their second World Series in three years. Even Tim Tebow has remained a popular topic during the NFL season as there were plenty of debates regarding whether or not he should be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

At Rant Sports, we always do our best to bring you the best when it comes to sports news stories and of course with reporting–there comes footage filled with outtakes. With the holiday season officially under way, we at Rant Sports thought it would be entertaining to put together a blooper reel from the past year of some of the most hilarious mess ups that were caught on camera in the studio.

Many would say this is just another way of embarrassing ourselves–but we see it as taking one for the team to provide our readers with something to laugh at for the holiday season. We hope everyone gets a good laugh at the video above and be sure to stay safe this holiday season!

Oh and if your favorite NFL team is still alive in the playoff hunt–we wish you the best of luck with that as well considering how crazy things are expected to get next weekend when the regular season officially wraps up before the playoffs get under way in January.

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