Special Christmas Gifts For NFL Teams: Part 2

Here’s the second part of this year’s NFL teams receiving special Christmas gifts from Dan-a-Claus:

 Philadelphia Eagles–Cleaning House

Let’s be honest–the Eagles could use a bit of everything heading into next year with the way 2012 played out. From getting rid of Andy Reid to parting ways with Michael Vick, expect this team to go through numerous changes during the offseason.

On top of a new head coach and quarterback (most likely Nick Foles–sorry Eagles fans), Philadelphia will also receive numerous gifts to fix that offensive line as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers–New Members on Defense to Fix Passing Game

A few weeks ago, the Buccaneers looked like one of the hottest teams in football with an offense that appeared to be unstoppable, but they’ve quickly slowed down over the last few weeks as they’ve struggled to stop any opponent in the passing game. This year’s gifts is an obvious one for this squad–provide them with new cornerbacks and safeties so they can improve that passing game and figure out a way to become contenders once again in 2013.

New York Jets–Getting Rid of Both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

If you can’t figure out what the Jets are getting this year–you clearly haven’t stayed up to date with football this season.

No topic has been debated more in 2012 than whether Sanchez or Tebow should be the starting quarterback in New York. The Jets clearly didn’t utilize Tebow as originally expected in the offense and after falling short of the playoffs for the second-straight season–it’s time to get rid both of these quarterbacks during the offseason and save some money.

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