Special Christmas Gifts For NFL Teams: Part 3

Here’s the third part of this year’s NFL teams receiving special Christmas gifts from Dan-a-Claus:

New Orleans Saints–Bringing Back Sean Payton For Next Season

With everything going on in the bounty scandal, it’s been obvious this season has not gone the way the Saints thought it would considering they had the talent at the beginning of the year to be Super Bowl contenders. One of the main reasons behind their struggles was due to the fact that Payton was suspended the entire season and with the way the case played out–it’s difficult not to wonder what could have been for New Orleans in 2012.

Anything is possible at this point, but a lovely gift this year for Drew Brees and company would be the return of their beloved head coach for the 2013 season.

Carolina PanthersTerrell Owens

Call me crazy, but the addition of Owens would be worth the risk for the Panthers in 2013 considering the team’s lack of depth at the wide receiver position. Other than Steve Smith and Greg Olsen, Carolina’s next reliable wide receiver from 2012 has been Brandon LaFell–and 34 catches on the year is nothing to brag about.

Owens would do anything for at least one more shot in the league and imagine the potential with Cam Newton connecting with him in the passing game–so there’s a special gift right there for the Panthers.

Buffalo Bills–a Time Machine

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to give Ryan Fitzpatrick a hefty six-year, $59 million extension with the Bills last year should have been fired immediately. It’s clear Fitzpatrick is far from the answer in Buffalo and the best way to fix this problem other than accepting the financial loss is to go back and time to make sure it never happened in the first place.

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