Joel Hanrahan: Big Move For The Boston Red Sox

After an awful 2012 MLB season the Boston Red Sox are pulling all of the stops in hopes to return back to AL East dvisional champions. With last season marred by bad starting pitching and poor late relief, the Sox are assured Joel Hanrahan can do the job in 2013. This move looks like a steal as Hanrahan is fourth in the National League with 76 saves of the last two seasons. Boston should rejoice in a move like this.

New Manager John Farrell  will have the reliable closer that the Red Sox haven’t had since  Jonathan Papelbon left last offseason. Hanrahan’s numbers with the offensively challenged Pittsburgh Pirates were incredible. In 2012 the closer maintianed a 2.72 with 5 wins and 36 saves. With a more established offense in Boston, Hanrahan will be expected to do perform all summer long.

Now, the Pirates obviously saw the writing on the wall with Hanrahan being a free agent after the 2013 season. The Red Sox followed the my preeching to never “pay for saves”, instead they dealt for them. In this case, 1B Jerry Sands, RP Mark Melancon and prospects Ivan Dejesus and Stolmey Primentel will trek to Pittsburgh in exchange for Hanrahan and 24 year old shortstop Brock Holt.

In a division known for spending money the Red Sox have made themselves better in the 2012 offseason, with SP Ryan Dempster, SS Stephen Drew, DH Johnny Gomes and possibly All Star Catcher Mike Napoli. In  my mind, this move is a cut above those as Hanrahan is the late-inning shut down closer the Red Sox so desperately needed.