Los Angeles Clippers Are Not Playoff Ready

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/ US PRESSWIRE

How could a team that is riding a 14 game winning streak not be capable to win an NBA title? The Los Angeles Clippers current style of play does not translate to wins in the postseason. Call me old fashioned, but look at prior teams who have made the plunge from good to great. The Clippers issues all start at the helm with Vinny Del Negro, a coach that has done nothing to show me he can turn the Clippers into NBA champions.

“Offense wins games but defense wins championships”

This age-old quote makes it way into this discussion with brute force. A streetball, sloppy, High School-like offense can win games in the NBA, as it is proven each and every year. However, look around come June and tell me how many of those highlight reel clubs are still around. None. In fact, the Miami Heat are a perfect example of how direction brings success. In the pilot season of the Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade trio in Southbeach, the team was defeated by a more team-orientented Dallas Mavericks team in the Finals.

Cohesion and chemistry are big words that are often taken to much into thought when talking NBA. Most of all, a club has to have an identity. What is the Clippers identity? Alley-opps and transition baskets doesn’t equate to playoff basketball. Speaking of which, look at the teams second leading scorer in Jamal Crawford. A dazzling scorer by nature is a hindrince to any ballclub given his lack of playoff experience. In 12 NBA season he has been on 1 playoff team.

Think of that stat next time you think this Clippers team is ready to win an NBA championship.


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