Pro Bowl Is Drawing Away NFL Fans

In theory, the NFL Pro Bowl sounds like quite the spectacle. Great players from both conferences going toe to toe and displaying pride for either the NFC or the AFC. Imagine the battles between Drew Brees and Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Or how about Calvin Johnson going across the middle to get lit up by Baltimore Raven Ed Reed, in the same game!

Quite the contrary,the NFL fans are subjected to a lackluster contest with no meaning. Players are flown out to Hawaii only to give less than 50% effort. The game is ruled by offense, as the defense rarely makes a play. Last year, Brandon Marshall won the MVP honors hauling in four touchdowns and 176 yards. It’s obvious the NFC defense was quite prepared.

The balloting system is similar to other professional sports leagues with the online voting. The difference being the NFL always has an insane amount of snubs. Overall, the game play is an embarrassment to anyone who watches the NFL each Sunday.

A most recent idea is that the Pro Bowl is replaced with collegiate players. I am for it, as long as the competition is there and it remains fun to watch. The NFL obviously likes the revenue that the  Pro Bowl creates as it still draws fans. But, continuing with this meaningless tradition only hurts the image. NFL games should be looked at as battles, not high school football games.

To restore the integrity, the Pro Bowl should be nixed.