Avery Johnson Outed In Brooklyn

Steve Mitchell/ US PRESSWIRE

The New York spotlight is like none other. It can turn even the tamest stories into headline news. However, in this scenario the Avery Johnson firing is rather big news. Ever since the team made the decision to drop the “New Jersey” and migrate to Brooklyn the pressure has been on Johnson and his players. Apparently, Brooklyn Nets management have had enough of the mediocrity.

Plenty are bashing the fire given Johnson’s Coach of the Month honors in both October and November. However, wins are key in the NBA and when a team goes 3-7 in there last ten something has to give. Not to mention, Johnson’s 60-116 record while with the team.

Now, whether this team doesn’t have the talent to hang will remain the question. You cannot fire the players, even when they do not live up to expectations. The coin is flipped when talking coaching, Johnson was frustrated at this during his press conference. Time will tell if Johnson was indeed the issue, in the meantime P.J Carlesimo will be at the helm for a scuffling Brooklyn team.

The Nets take on the Charlotte Bobcats and the Cleveland Cavaliers in back to back games starting on Friday. Furthermore, these are both home games and they need to be won by a team that hasn’t been fantastic at home. Hopefully, the club will be with all star Deron Williams as he has been ailing with a bad right wrist. Now is the time for free agent acquisition Joe Johnson to play above his salary. A player who likes to disappear when the Nets seem to need him most.

With Avery Johnson gone, so goes the scapegoat. Now, the blame solely rest on this Nets team.