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Oakland Raiders Train Wreck Continues

With Carson Palmer on the shelf for quite a while, the Oakland Raiders are in trouble. This week the club has decided that Matt Leinart and Terrelle Pryor give the team the best chance to get a win against the San Diego Chargers. Seriously. It is not a misprint, Leinart and Pryor. Both have a combined two NFL starts in the last five seasons. I understand that not every franchise can not be successful, but the time must come when a little bit of pride has to kick in. The past few seasons have been a disaster in Oakland, here is why the mediocrity won’t end anytime soon.

Without a draft pick in last years first or second round, it will be difficult for the Raiders to develop young talent. Instead, the Cincinnati Bengals capitalized on the Raiders craze for Palmer. At the time, then Head Coach Hue Jackson was assured Palmer would lead this team to the promised land. Furthermore, Jackson has since been replaced and Palmer remains in a Raider uniform having an over 4,000 passing yard season with 22 TD’s to 14 INT’s. Meanwhile, the Bengals have reached the postseason for the second year in a row.

The silver lining is of course the Raiders top 10 pick in this years NFL Draft, given another double digit loss season. I think the Raiders go defensive line in the first round with Richard Seymour’s contract being up after the 2012 season. Allowing nearly 30 points a game, the defense is an obvious  issue.   Hopefully Darren McFadden can rebound as he has only played in 18 games the last two seasons.

Perhaps the Raiders can strike it big in this Aprils draft, but given the draft history of the club I have my doubts. For now, the entire NFL will suffer with Leinart or Pryor for one week.