Peyton Manning Is Great No Matter The Conditions

Mitch Stringer/ US PRESSWIRE


Peyton Manning is the standard at quarterback in the NFL, and it can be argued he his the greatest of all time to get underneath center. The “surgeon” as many call him has done everything an quarterback can. With all this being true, then why do fans believe Manning is a “dome quarterback”? I am baffled that people fail to see in Manning’s climb to NFL greatness, in and out of  a dome.

Now, this rant all began with a completely insane notion. The idea was that the Denver Broncos lose to the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend so they  could lock up a number two seed so they could play against the Houston Texans in a controlled environment in Reliant Field. What in the world? Lose a football game so you can get the second seed? That sounds like a double negative to me.

Nonetheless, the Broncos will be alive and well during this years AFC postseason, no matter the weather. Peyton has been in the NFL since 1998 and has won in all types of conditions. Including leading the league in TD’s three different times. The list goes on in terms of accomplishments, but perhaps the largest counter argument is Manning’s lone Super Bowl win coming during a rainstorm in Miami against the Chicago Bears in 2006.

While Denver winters can be rather brutal, the thought that Manning is a hindrance in anything but a dome isn’t true. An established quarterback should not have to field questions like this, Manning can and will win in less than desirable conditions.