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Raymond Felton: A Big Loss For The New York Knicks

Steve Mitchell/ US PRESSWIRE

Losing a point guard can be a recipe for disaster for any NBA team. This position in particular is incredibly important to success, and the New York Knicks will definitely miss Raymond Felton‘s production will he is out. Scheduled to miss 4-6 weeks, Coach Mike Woodson will have to get creative with his assists leader out.

The Knicks will now turn to a very veteran backcourt, including two guards over the age of 35. Now, Carmelo Anthony is having a career season and will shoulder an even larger load as the calendar turns. To put it in perspective, the Knicks will be without both the teams second leading scorer and assists leader. 16.5 PPG is a definite accomplishment for Felton who has latched onto New York since his first go around two seasons ago where he averaged 9.0 assists per game.

Jason Kidd has been an absolute blessing for this Knicks team. At 39 years of age Kidd is playing 30 minutes a night for a fun and exuberant team. While he has always been a reliable point guard, questions have to arise as to whether Kidd can shoulder such a load for the time being. Look for Pablo Prigioni to definitely get increased playing time as he has performed in a limited role.

Currently atop the Eastern Conference the Knicks do not want to let this injury be the reason this team slips out of playoff contention. With Amare Stoudemire set to come back at any moment, the Knicks will need him at his best.


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