Michael Bourn Still Available

The MLB offseason is heading into January and premier lead off hitter Michael Bourn is still on the free agent market. Bourn has watched plenty of big name outfielders get the money he had hoped to get this winter. With Scott Boras as his agent, Bourn may end up a victim of asking for just too much. However, a .272 career hitter who has led the league in stolen bases on three separate occasions isn’t very easy to come by. Let’s digest why exactly Bourn doesn’t have a deal.

First off, the market has decided to go elsewhere. His former team the Atlanta Braves, took a big chance of B.J Upton to replace Bourn in center field. Upton was offered a five-year deal worth $75M and he was not passing up that kind of money. At age 28 and a little more pop in his bat, Upton was obviously more desirable than the speedy Bourn. Perhaps, Bourn asked for the kind of money Upton wanted and it backfired.

Other teams that might be interested include the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets or the Seattle Mariners. However, the issue is each of these teams youthful nature combined with the hesitancy to give out such big money. I think the best suitor might be the Mets, as they are no strangers to spending money and could for sure use a lead off bat. If I’m Bourn I call up the Mets right away and try to work out a deal.

Whether or not an MLB team takes a chance on Bourn is yet to be seen. The lesson may be that this center fielder bit off more than anyone wanted to pay him.