UFC Fight 155 Premieres December 29th

After plenty of hype and anticipation, the UFC 155 matchup between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez is finally here and from a fan perspective–they have every reason in the world to be excited about the event.

These two fighters met a little over a year ago and if that fight was any indication of what to expect–fans should be in for another exciting matchup once again on Saturday. Not only will Dos Santos look to keep his perfect 9-0 record in UFC alive, but he’ll look for another strong performance against Velasquez after knocking him out last time.

With the type of reputation these two fighters have, Saturday’s matchup could easily turn into another classic matchup for die-hard UFC fans to cherish. Dos Santos may have won the first round of this rival, but Velasquez will do everything in his power to avoid a short fight like last time–which means UFC fans should be in for a treat Saturday night.

The great thing about matchups like the one between Dos Santos and Velasquez is anything is possible once these two fighters get into the ring and just because Dos Santos came out on top last time doesn’t mean that’s how its going to to be on Saturday. From Velasquez’s perspective and mindset, he’s had his eye on this date for quite some time now as he looks to bounce back with a stronger performance against his opponent.

Either way–matchups like these is just one of many reasons why UFC is a one of the best spectator sports.

Video produced by Gridiron Grunts