Russell Wilson Scariest Rookie Come Playoff Time

When the Seattle Seahawks went out and gave former Green Bay Packers back-up quarterback Matt Flynn a 3 year $19M contract no one would’ve guessed that a 75th overall pick would be leading the club into the playoffs. The Seahawks fearless leader in Russell Wilson has done a fantastic job in 2012. With 25 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions, Wilson has put his team in position to win every single week. While,\ Andrew Luck was the first overall pick I would rather have Wilson quarterbacking my playoff team.

Wilson has rushed for over 400 yards this season, combined with 2868 through the air. Thanks to great offensive line play and a career season from Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks are in position to win on the NFL‘s largest stage. However, Wilson is not the only rookie quarterback looking to make history in the 2012 postseason.

Andrew Luck has put this Indianapolis Colts in incredible position, with the #5 seed in the AFC. Fresh off of an impressive victory over the AFC powerhouse Houston Texans, Luck has garnered plenty of votes to be this years Rookie Of the Year. I find it hard to give Luck this honor given his 18 interceptions this season. In addition, Luck has had veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne all season while Wilson has struggled to find a go to wide out. Luck also does not bring the dynamic on the ground, as he has 159 rush yards this season.

While both are in different conferences, I believe this particular comparison is excellent. In a perfect world the Seahawks and the Colts would lock horn in February to see just who is the deadliest rookie.

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