Ranter X: Northern Illinois Huskies Prove They Weren't BCS Worthy

There was plenty of criticism surrounding this year’s selection of the Orange Bowl involving the Florida State Seminoles and the Northern Illinois Huskies–mainly because most college football fans believed the Huskies didn’t deserve a BCS bid compared to other teams like the LSU Tigers or Georgia Bulldogs. While the potential was certainly there for Northern Illinois to pull off the upset, it’s safe to say the Huskies never had a chance against the Seminoles and embarrassed themselves in more ways than one.

Playing in their first BCS bowl in school history, the Huskies were smoked 31-10 by the Seminoles on Tuesday for their first loss in four months. Over the years, we’ve seen teams like the Boise State Broncos give teams a run for their money as heavy underdogs, but the Huskies just couldn’t get anything consisting going to keep up with the Seminoles.

There were numerous reasons as to why Northern Illinois struggled in this one, but the one thing that sticks out the most is the fact they allowed Lonnie Pryor to gain 134 rushing yards and two touchdowns…on just five carries.

Five carries? That’s just embarrassing on the Huskies’ end.

The BCS has been heavily criticized over the years and Tuesday’s matchup between the Huskies and Seminoles is the perfect example of why there needs to be a change with the current playoff system. It was clear there were other schools more deserving of an appearance in a BCS game and thanks to Tuesday’s Orange Bowl–the NCAA looks even more foolish for the current system they have in place.

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