Ray Lewis's Retirement: Forshadowing A Beatdown Of The Indianapolis Colts

Ray Lewis is one of six NFL  players to win the AP Defensive Player of the Year award multiple times, winning the prestigious award in both 2000 and 2003. Now, when Lewis announced retirement, he had hoped it would spark this Baltimore Ravens team to come out and lay the law down against a banged up and youthful Indianapolis Colts team. In my mind, the Ravens need no such added emotion as they are simply a more experienced team come playoff time.

While #52 has been making plays since 1996, the Colts quarterback was nine years old when Lewis was drafted into the NFL.

The jokes could run for days, as Luck’s youth apposed to the age of Lewis and the Ravens defense is comical. A top-of-the-line character who has impressed in his rookie season, Luck does not have the playoff know-

how to get a win in Baltimore. Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has faith in the quarterback however, believing the playoffs “won’t phase” Luck whatsoever. Unlike the Minnesota Vikings and inexperienced QB Christian Ponder, the Colts lack a game changer at Running Back. 

Listen, Pagano is an honorable man, and deserves all of the accolades in the world for his triumphant battles.

However, that does not equate to playoff wins, and if you don’t have the veteran presence there isn’t much the coach can do. In this case, the Colts are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I’m sure plenty are referencing the Ravens struggles and how red hot the Colts have been. Take a closer look to see just who the Colts have played of late.

The Colts last 6 wins have came against team with a combined record of 32-64. I have my doubts that a Rookie QB can hang with this Ravens team given the added initiative of Lewis’s pending retirement.