2013 NFL Playoffs: Green Bay Packers Miss Out on Bye Thanks to Week 3 Loss to Seattle Seahawks

The 2013 NFL playoffs are set to get under way this weekend as there are four great matchups between teams that all seem talented enough to make a run at this year’s Super Bowl. However, one of the more interesting matchups will take place on Saturday night between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings–mainly because Aaron Rodgers and company shouldn’t be playing in the Wild Card round in the first place.

Remember all of the controversy surrounding the Packers Week 3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which an interception was ruled a touchdown? Well, everybody knew the chances of that game having an impact on the playoff standings and thanks to the controversial loss–Green Bay is missing out on a first-round bye.

After falling to the Vikings in their regular-season finale last Sunday, the Packers fell to the No. 3 seed as the San Francisco 49ers earned the first-round bye and No. 2 spot. With the bye, Green Bay would have been able to rest some of their star players that have been dealing with injuries over the last couple of weeks like Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.

Instead, the Packers will be forced to play a game this weekend instead of resting as they’ll look back to that Week 3 game wondering what could have been–especially if they end up losing on Saturday. Sure, there are a few other games Green Bay could be looking back on that they should have ended up winning, but no game sticks out more than the Week 3 matchup against Seattle considering how bad the replacement refs messed up.