Jerry Jones Claims Change is Coming For Dallas Cowboys

For the second-straight season, the Dallas Cowboys entered their regular-season finale against a division rival with a chance to win the NFC East–only to fall short of the playoffs by suffering an embarrassing loss. It’s been three years since the Cowboys have finished with a winning record and Jerry Jones claims change will be coming this offseason–but should Dallas fans really believe him?

With the type of money Jones has invested in the organization over the years, Dallas should have earned a couple of Super Bowls by now, but they continue to be big disappointments year after year. On paper, the Cowboys have always had one of the most talented teams on paper over the last couple of seasons–only to lead to nothing but failure.

So what type of changes would Jones plan on making exactly? It’s obviously he would never consider getting rid of Tony Romo despite the fact that he continues to disappoint each season.

Despite falling 97 yards short of the 5,000-yard passing mark this past season, Romo also tied a career high with 19 interceptions and failed to come through for the Cowboys when they needed him the most. There were numerous games Dallas should have won during the regular season that could have made the difference in helping them reach the postseason, but nothing sticks out more than their regular-season finale against the Washington Redskins where all they had to do was win to get in.

Jones claims changes will be made, but Cowboys fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for anything to happen this offseason.