Cincinnati Bengals Dreadful First Half Spurs Another Playoff Loss

Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals season was ended by the Houston Texans for the second season in a row. This time, an inconsistent first half of offense causes the abysmal Bengals to continue their playoff slide. In fact, this team has not won a playoff game since 1991 when Boomer Esiason was the Quarterback. The NFL has came a long way in 22 years, however the Bengals ineptitude has unfortunately stayed the same. With Dalton and A.J Green being the staples of this franchises future it is pivotal they show up in big games.

Obviously, no team wants to finish a playoff game with an offensive touchdown. A Cincy team that had been red-hot of late laid an egg in Houston on Sunday with an embarrassing performance from there second year quarterback from TCU. The first half saw Dalton go 4-10 for just three yards the entire first half! That is not a stat any Bengal fan want to look at any time soon. Nonetheless, the Texans out gained Cincy 250-54 in terms of first half yardage on offense. Marvin Lewis and his staff should be thoroughly embarrassed on account of their first half gaff.

Moving on, A.J green has to also take a lions share of the blame. Someone who has been proclaimed as the AFC’s best wide receiver should not be held to zero catches for a whole half. Green has excelled himself into NFL elite with a 1,300 receiving season in 2013. In two seasons, Green has 23 regular season TD’s and 2,407 regular season receiving yards, which is atop the NFL leader boards.

Unfortunately, in two playoff games Green has 1-0 catches for a combined 127 yards, with zero touchdowns. The Bengals will need for Dalton and Green to connect come playoff time if they hope to ever break the 22 year drought.