Did Andy Reid Make the Right Move By Joining Kansas City Chiefs?

In what turned out to be one of the more shocking moves of the week, former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid landed a job with the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday–which is a surprise considering all signs pointed to him reuniting with Kevin Kolb as head coach for the Arizona Cardinals at the beginning of the week.

Reid was the one responsible for taking a chance with Kolb a few years ago before he was shipped off to the Cardinals prior to the 2011 season and if any head coach seems capable of fixing him at quarterback–Reid seemed like the best option. Not only would Reid get to reunite with the quarterback he had so much faith in a couple of years ago, but he would also join a squad that contains one of the best wide receivers in football with Larry Fitzgerald.

Instead, he will be joining a Chiefs’ squad with five Pro Bowlers and the No. 1 pick in April–which means Reid may even have a chance to find a new quarterback of his own to work with over the next five years.  Plus, the AFC West is already one of the weakest divisions in football and Reid would have the opportunity to turn Kansas City around like he did in Philadelphia when he originally took over in 1999.

So what do you think about this move with Reid going to the Chiefs? Should he have joined the Cardinals instead and reunite with Kolb?

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