Green Bay Packers Roll On And The Vikings Think Of What Could Have Been

The Minnesota Vikings roller coaster season has finally come to a close. A year that saw the Vikings rally to win four straight and reach the NFL playoffs for the first time in three seasons is unfortunately done. Overall, the Vikings will be haunted all off season with what the result could’ve been had Christian Ponder played in Sunday’s game versus the Green Bay Packers. Joe Webb drove the Vikings straight into the ground, but its hard to blame him after not throwing a pass the entire season.

Adrian Peterson rushed for 99 yards, as it was a solid follow-up performance to the 199 he put up just a week ago. However, his production was masked by Packer domination of the ball and of course time of possession. The Packers had the ball for 5 more minutes than the Vikings, but the stats don’t tell the entire story. Anyone who tuned into this one knew it was a joke at half time when the packers maintained a 17-3 lead.

The Packers will face another mobile quarterback next week as this powerful team heads to San Francisco to take on the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick is twice the QB Webb is, but the premise remains the same to keep both of these guys away from the big play. Now, in my mind the Packers are bigger and badder than ever. Regardless of what the stats from this game say the important note is that Rodgers hit 10 different receivers on Saturday night. Webb completed just 11 passes.

On the road, the Packers will have to be sure to convert on third down as they were just 3/14 against the Vikes, that is not beneficial against a powerhouse like the 49ers.