Houston Texans Must Ride Arian Foster To New Orleans

In a playoff win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Foster went for 140 rushing yards on 40 carries, an amount he reached for just the third time all season. Many doubters (myself included) saw the Houston Texans making a first round exit due to there struggles against top opponents and 1-3 record the last four weeks. However, it appears that the Texans may have an found their identity yet again, and it begins and ends with Foster and the running attack ranked 8th in all the NFL.

Gary Kubiak and the Texans staff has been criticized for leaning too much on Matt Schaub and his receivers rather than shoulder the load on the running game. With Andre Johnson on the outside and an established tight end like Owen Daniels, its hard to blame Kubiak for his excitement. Nonetheless, that is not Texan football. That style of play is what got them embarrassed on national television versus the New England Patriots with a 14-42 loss.

Oddly enough, the Texans will travel to New England next week in hopes to reach the franchises first AFC Championship game. Now, last time Foster had only 15 carries and was limited to only 46 yards. This time the Texans can not fall trap to the Patriots high powered offense and get behind early. The first quarter will tell the story, because if Tom Brady rattles off three first quarter touchdowns and Houston’s running game gets abolished, the road will be over for the Texans.

In addition, Matt Schaub must keep the ball and not give the opposition points like he did to Cincy on Sunday.