Ravens Top Colts: Head To Denver Next

It seemed the entire week leading up to the playoff game between the  Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts was filled with headlines that had nothing to do with the play of Joe Flacco. Well, with Ray Lewis‘s announcement that he would retire upon seasons end who could blame the media? Lewis has been a lynchpin to the NFL since being drafted in 1996. In addition, the NFL spectrum was all over Andrew Luck‘s first postseason start underneath head coach and cancer survivor Chuck Pagano.

Needless to say, there was plenty going on prior to this historic match up. Perhaps that is why Ravens QB Flacco enjoyed so much success on Sunday.

Flacco has been at the brunt of criticism all season. Personally, I called for Flacco’s deal to not be renewed upon the end of the season due to his inability to play at a high level in big games. Today, he gave us all a glimpse of what he can do to make the Ravens a super bowl contender. Throwing just 23 times, Flacco was accurate with 2 TD’s and 282 passing yards.

The focus now shifts to the Denver Broncos. This is a club that absolutely destroyed the Ravens in Week 15. Denver took a 31-3 lead into the fourth quarter in front of a completely embarrassed Raven crowd. The game will now turn to Denver where Flacco hopes to not have five straight three and outs, like he did the last time they faced the Broncos.

All in all, Flacco will have to play like he did on Sunday to compete with the offensive juggernaut that is Peyton Manning.