NFL Rumors: Could Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Miss Next Season With a Torn ACL?

As if losing to the Seattle Seahawks at home wasn’t already difficult enough to deal with, the Washington Redskins anxiously await to find out how serious Robert Griffin III‘s knee injury is and whether or not he could miss part of the 2013 season. Griffin left Sunday’s game in the fourth quarter despite injuring the knee in the first quarter and based off early indications–things don’t look good for the Redskins quarterback.

At first, it appeared Griffin was going to miss the entire 2013 season with a torn ACL, but now it appears that he just suffered a partially torn LCL. While there’s still a chance Griffin could have a torn ACL as well, the main factor in this one is Griffin should have never been in the game to begin with–which falls on head coach Mike Shanahan‘s shoulders.

For a player who already tore his ACL in college, Shanahan should have been extra cautious when Griffin originally had his knee checked out when it was injured in the first quarter. Throughout the entire game, Griffin was ineffective at quarterback as he threw for just 84 yards and rushed for 21 yards–making it clear he should have never been in the game to begin with.

Shanahan has every reason in the world to want to keep Griffin in the game considering it was the playoffs, but the last thing he needs is to let this ruin his quarterback’s future. Kirk Cousins proved himself against the Cleveland Browns a couple of weeks ago–so why wouldn’t Shanahan keep Griffin safe and just play him instead?