Rant My Life: Why Would Dallas Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan?

For the second-straight season, the Dallas Cowboys were in position to win the NFC East title as long as they won their regular-season finale. Unfortunately, the Cowboys fell short in both cases and while it’s clear numerous changes are needed this offseason–it’s safe to say they made a huge mistake by firing Rob Ryan.

The defensive coordinator was fired by the organization on Tuesday less than two weeks after Dallas missed out on the playoffs following a Week 17 loss to the Washington Redskins. For a defense that has improved over the last two seasons since Ryan was hired, one has to wonder why on earth Jerry Jones would make this move when there are clearly other members of the coaching staff (Jason Garrett anyone?) that should be canned first?

It’s a shame Jones can’t fire himself considering the type of owner he’s been over the last couple of years as the Cowboys have let numerous talented teams on paper go to waste by failing to live up to expectations. Dallas fans have been anxious for a winning team as they’ve recorded just one playoff win over the last 16 seasons and now it’s difficult to imagine what to expect next year as the team seems to have taken a step back with the firing of Ryan.

Change was certainly needed and it’s good to see Jones making some sort of moves this offseason, but parting ways with Ryan just shows the type of idiotic moves he makes as an owner and is just one of many examples as to why this team continues to be a disappointment each season.