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Jacksonville Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell Expresses No Interest in Tim Tebow

Without even trying, Tim Tebow was a popular story throughout the entire 2012 season as a backup to Mark Sanchez with the New York Jets. All signs point to the Jets parting ways with Tebow during the off-season and even though the Jacksonville Jaguars expressed interest a few weeks ago–it appears the quarterback may be out of luck when it comes to returning to his home state of Florida next season.

New Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell made it clear this week that he has no intention of bringing Tebow on board for the 2013 season. Jacksonville seemed like the perfect fit for a quarterback like Tebow since he would have a legitimate shot at competing for the starting job considering all of the struggles surrounding Blaine Gabbert, but that’s no longer the case.

Now, the main question on the back of everyone’s mind is if Tebow can’t even make it with a team like Jacksonville–how can he make in the NFL at all?

The Jaguars were the laughing stock of the NFL in 2012 and seem to be another two or three years away before they can even be placed in the category of contenders again as they have numerous areas in need of help on both offense and defense. Look at the bright Tim, the Jaguars are actually doing you a favor by denying you the chance of coming on board for the 2013 season.

If anything, you’d be better off holding out to see if at least a contender will take a chance on you instead–but even that’s unlikely.