Do Indiana Hoosiers Deserve to Be Ranked No. 1 Now?

In what has turned out to be an exciting past week for college basketball, the last four undefeated teams are undefeated no more as the Duke Blue Devils, Louisville Cardinals, Arizona Wildcats, and Michigan Wolverines each suffered their first loss of the regular season. The main question now that everybody wants to know–who deserves to be No. 1?

The argument can be made that Louisville doesn’t deserve the No. 1 spot considering they lost to Duke and there’s no way Gorkie Jyang would have made a difference in the game anyway. Arizona shouldn’t be considered the top team considered their lack of competition this season compared to the other teams on this list and Michigan certainly doesn’t deserve it either considering Duke seems like the better team anyway.

With all of this in mind, what about the Indiana Hoosiers?

Cody Zeller is arguably one of the top players in the country and once March rolls around–he’s going to do whatever it takes to help the Hoosiers win the National Championship. Even at the end of last season, many believed Indiana would be the team to beat this season and while they’ve had their struggles at times–they’re certainly worthy of being ranked the top seed in the country.

So what do you think about the teams on this list? Do you believe Indiana deserves to be No. 1 or would you go with one of the other four teams?

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