Lance Armstrong Finally Admits to Using PEDs to Oprah Winfrey

Five months after giving up on the legal battle surrounding all of the accusations, Lance Armstrong is finally admitting to his use of PEDs during the times he won seven-straight Tour de France events after conducting an interview with who else–the famous Oprah Winfrey.

Armstrong sat down with Oprah on Monday for an interview to finally come out and admit he was a cheater, but does this really come as a surprise to anyone? When Armstrong gave up on the legal battle five months ago, everybody viewed that situation as the cyclist giving up on the case simply because he knew he was guilty. There were too many factors that made Armstrong guilty and the fact that he’s willing to come out with the truth now about this hurts his image even more.

We all know the only reason Armstrong is willing to come out with the truth now instead of continuing his journey on the path of denial is because he’s motivated by money. Clearly, Armstrong realizes the financial benefit from making this type of confession with someone as popular as Oprah and for an athlete that has already hit rock bottom–this is the perfect opportunity to earn some additional income considering all of the sponsorship deals he’s already lost.

If Armstrong thinks an appearance on Oprah is going to change the way his former fans view him as a role model, he’s crazy. Nobody believed Armstrong for a second that he was clean and taking this long to admit it just makes him look even more pathetic.

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