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The Real Heisman Debate: Katherine Webb vs. Sarah Savage

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Top 10 WAGs of College Football

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One of the most exciting parts of the 2013 National Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Notre Dame Fighting Irish was the discovery of A.J. McCarron's beautiful girlfriend--Katherine Webb. Since that night, Webb has established quite the fan base across the country which brings up an interesting debate--is she more attractive than Johnny Manziel's girlfriend Sarah Savage?

Savage caught the attention of the country when the Texas A&M Aggies quarterback became the first freshman in NCAA history to win the Heisman and there's no question she is quite the eye candy to show off on his side. Not only is Savage finishing her BBA at Texas A&M, but she also happens to be a model as well--which is a plus for any boyfriend out there.

As for Webb, it's a bit ironic to see her with a guy like McCarron considering she went to Auburn (isn't there a rule against rival fans dating?) and is now dating someone affiliated with Alabama. On top of being Miss Alabama 2012, she's also picked up a few modeling gigs of her own since the Crimson Tide took on the Fighting Irish--so dating McCarron certainly has it's benefits.

There's no question Manziel and McCarron will be two of the top players in college football next season and it wouldn't be a surprise if these two stars are competing for the Heisman next season. However, the main Heisman debate shouldn't be who performs better on the field, but which star quarterback has the more attractive girlfriend--Manziel or McCarron?

The best part about this whole debate is Manziel and McCarron aren’t the only ones in the college football worlds with attractive girlfriends or wives. Here’s a look at the top 10 WAGs of the college football world.

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Anne Marie Jahnke

Anne Marie Jahnke's Facebook

This beauty is dating Montee Ball—who appears to have a bright future ahead of him in the NFL.

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Taylor Stathes

Taylor Stathes' Twitter

Tajh Boyd always stands out on Saturdays and it should be no surprise with this beauty cheering him on from the sidelines

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Heather Carr

Heather Carr's Twitter

Derek Carr is lucky to have this beautiful lady by his side—let’s just hope he doesn’t have the same success as his brother if he ever reaches the NFL.

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Shalin Spani


One of the main reasons why Colin Klein had such a big season with Kansas State must have been from the strong support of his wife.

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Sidni Vaughn


Not only is David Scully lucky enough to land such a lovely lady for a kicker, but Vaughn even transferred to Georgia Tech from Georgia so she could be with her boyfriend.

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Whitney Hand

Brendan Maloney/USA Today Sports

Imagine how athletic the children of Landry Jones and Hand would be if things work out down the rorad.

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Brooke Heaps

Jake Heaps' Twitter

Oh Jake Heaps—how every man in this country must envy you.

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Brittany Langdon

Matt Barkley's Twitter

Who cares about how things worked out with USC this season—Matt Barkley clearly is always going to be a winner with a beauty like Langdon.

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Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb's Twitter

After being discovered in the National Championship, A.J. McCarron has become quite the popular one for dating a girl as beautiful as Webb—who will be working this year’s Super Bowl as well.

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Sarah Savage


Johnny Manziel was king of the college football world this year after becoming the first freshman to take home the Heisman Trophy and Savage is arguably one of the most attractive women on the face of this earth. In other words—Manziel is an all around winner between football and dating.