Ranter X: Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant Shows Off Cute Text From Grandma

After leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to an NBA Finals appearance last season, Kevin Durant has the team in the perfect position once again to be one of the top contenders in the Western Conference once again this season as they’re off to a 31-8 start. However, the MVP candidate has been making headlines for a different reason this past week–for uploading a photo of a text between him and his grandma that has fans laughing up a storm.

Durant showed a screen shot of a text in which his grandma told “Kev Kev” to stop cursing so much during the games because she could read his lips when he does. It’s no secret that most professional athletes tend to drop inappropriate words when they’re frustrated over a situation during games and even though Durant seems like one of the sweetest players at times while on the court–even grandma knows he has his moments from time to time.

As entertaining as this was, did Durant think it would be cute to upload this photo for all of his fans on social media to see? I bet if someone like Kobe Bryant were receiving these types of text messages from a family member, they would tell him to play nice by sharing the basketball more with his teammates instead of taking as many shots as he does each game.

Oh well, we can sit here and give Durant a hard time about the text from grandma all we want, but at the end of the day–he’s still going to be better than us on the basketball court.

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