Lane Kiffin and USC Trojans Hit New Low With Locker Room Brawl Following Sun Bowl

Just when you think Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans can’t hit a new low–the players go out and have a brawl in the locker room after their Sun Bowl game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Apparently, a big fight broke out in the Trojans locker room following their 21-7 loss to the Yellow Jackets in which one individual claims at least 10-15 people were involved with the incident. In fact, one unidentified USC player told a reporter that the scene in the locker room was “chaos” with all of the hotheads in the locker room.

There was plenty of hype surrounding USC entering the 2012 season as they entered the first week with the No. 1 seed and there were plenty of people who believed they were capable of competing for the National Championship. In fact, there was a point at the beginning of the season when quarterback Matt Barkley appeared to be a lock to win the Heisman–but that quickly fell through.

The fact that a team with as much talent as USC finished the year with a 7-6 record is absolutely pathetic and shows jut how bad of a coach Kiffin really is. It would be one thing if the Trojans suffered one or two losses during the regular season, but how does a National Championship contender manage to lose six games in a season?

This latest example of the brawl in the locker room shows how far the Trojans have fallen and this program is quickly becoming the laughing stock of college football.