Atlanta Falcons Versus San Francisco 49ers: Michael Turner Is X Factor

When the Atlanta Falcons take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday keep an eye on Michael Turner. Nicknamed “the Burner” this Falcons running back looked spectacular last week versus the Seattle Seahawks rushing for 98 yards on 14 carries. It will take all hands on deck to expose one of the NFL‘s most elite defenses but, I believe Turner has a monster game versus the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

In 13 wins this season Turner averaged 3.8 yards a carry however, in the clubs three loses Turner has averaged just 1.8 yards per carry. Obviously, the Falcons are at their best when “the Burner” is breaking tackles and nabbing first downs. Combined with Jacquizz Rodgers the Falcons rushing attack must be on point to keep the always exciting Colin Kaerpernick on the sideline–the team that wins the time of possession battle will win this game.

The Falcons were the most successful team in all of the NFL in scoring on their first drive of the game. A steadfast first quarter with plenty of rushing success will spell a victory for the Falcons as they must open up the passing game. Too many times the Falcons have beat themselves by getting pass-happy in spots when they should be running the ball–Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will be in charge of that.

Matt Ryan and his plethora of targets are going to be used plenty on Sunday but, the running game must be a focal point in order for the Falcons to reach the Super Bowl. In my mind, Ryan’s production will hinge on whether or not the Falcons are having success on the ground.