Tom Brady Criticized By Bernard Pollard For Controversial Slide in AFC Championship

Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship still has to sting for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as they were hoping to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLVII after falling short to the New York Giants last season. While Brady and the offense were shutout in the second half, it appears the future Hall of Fame quarterback is receiving heat for a controversial slide right before halftime.

Brady is receiving heat for the slide after his cleat went into Ed Reed‘s leg on the play and Bernard Pollard is sticking up for his teammate by ripping the quarterback for the move–which he should. This is the type of cheap play that should have come with a fine and the fact that Brady was able to get away with something like this is nothing short of ridiculous.

If this type of incident happened to a player like Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions, a fine or even possible suspension would have happened immediately given his reputation. However, since this is Mr. Brady we’re talking about here–so of course nothing is going to come out of it from the front office when it comes to a fine.

Plus, this was a terrible move by Brady to begin with as he should have just thrown the ball away to give New England a better chance at finding the end zone before time ran out in the first half. Instead, the Patriots were forced to settle for a field goal of a touchdown–which they clearly could have used in the second half.

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