Manti Te'o Looks Even More Foolish For Girlfriend Hoax Following Interview

It’s been an interesting week for Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te’o after news broke about how his girlfriend Lennay Kekua, who supposedly passed away last September of leukemia, never existed to begin with. While it took him a few days to speak up about the incident, it appears Te’o will open up about everything that happened during an interview with Katie Couric, but if anything–he’s only making things more difficult on himself.

There have already been a few clips surfacing from the interview and one of the main topics discussed by Te’o is how he decided to keep the lie going after he found out he was part of a hoax. The worst part about this explanation is when Te’o asked Couric what she would have done if she were in his situation and forced to face the national spotlight.

The answer should have been easy for Te’o–step it up and speak the truth. By deciding to go along with the lie, Te’o only made the situation worse for himself and now the argument can be made his draft stock is going to decline based off trust issues.

How can any team trust Te’o if he was willing to keep a lie as serious as this go on for such a long period of time? Te’o should have just spoken about the incident right away when new first broke out about Kekua not existing and now–he’s dug himself in a huge hole that he may not be able to get himself up in time before April’s draft.