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Court-Storming In NCAAB Needs To Stop: Miami Hurricanes Latest Fools

For some college students the thrill of attending their university’s basketball game is the highlight of their entire collegiate career. While I believe that CBB  is indeed an exhilarating event, I firmly feel that storming the court that goes on postgame is childish and shows just how unprofessional universities can be. Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that these kids are having fun and enjoying themselves however, it doesn’t have to equate to mosh pitting like animals after a win.

I have always believed in the phrase that you should always “act like you’ve been there before” even when you haven’t. On Wednesday night when the Miami Hurricanes derailed the #1 seeded Duke Blue Devils in a game that wasn’t even close the entire night and the Miami fans still stormed the court I was livid. I would be embarrassed at the fact my school thinks it is a marvel that we beat Duke–so what? did you go into the game expected to lose and now you’re surprised you won?

Celebrations like the one Miami had last night should be reserved for times and games when the win actually is special otherwise, it will continue to lose its flare for everyone involved.

The dangerous aspect of this action also goes under-the-radar far too often however, a North Carolina State mosh pit put a man who was in a wheelchair at risk when they stormed the court versus Duke earlier this month. Beating a top team should not be so shocking that you have to stomp on the court like your team will never win a game again.

Any program allowing this to happen needs to get some class and understand that the games worth celebrating this hard for are played in March and April.