NFL is Still No Fun League After Threatening Fan With Lawsuit Over Trademark

The NFL is disgusting in the way it treats its fans. First, the 2011 NFL lockout was enough to drive many fans away, albeit most have come back by now. Now the league is so worried about its image that it’s taking literally all the fun out of one Indianapolis Colts fan’s life. This certain fan–who shall remain anonymous–tried to trademark the terms “HarBowl” and “Harbaugh Bowl” last year when the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers were in their respective conference championship games, hoping their two head coaches–Jim and John Harbaugh–would face each other in the Super Bowl. That’s now a reality and the NFL suddenly has beef with the Colts fan.

The fan reportedly paid $1,000 to have both names trademarked, but the NFL has come at the fan with the most ridiculous allegation possible–”HarBowl sounds too similar to Super Bowl.”

Are you kidding me?! “HarBowl” and “Super Bowl” sound nothing alike! That’s like saying grape jelly and strawberry jelly sound “too similar.” The NFL is beyond ridiculous if it thinks this is a legit argument against this fan’s trademarks, but that’s exactly what’s happening and the fan even agreed to drop the trademarks!

What’s more is the fan asked for either reimbursement for the trademarks or a pair of Colts seasons tickets in exchange, but the NFL not only declined, but threatened a lawsuit if the fan didn’t just drop the trademarks outright. This is an absolute outrage and defies all business rights to the average American. The NFL is officially the No Fun League.

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