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New Orleans Pelicans Have More Vicious Mascot Than You Might Think

The New Orleans Hornets are officially changing their name, logo and mascot and these new digs will become effective to start the 2013 NBA season. The New Orleans Pelicans‘ logo has been revealed, but their new uniforms have not, although we know the colors will be gold, blue and red. Obviously, New Orleans isn’t going for a more conservative look with their latest name change, but that’s expected from a team in the Big Easy.

Although everyone is making fun of the Pelicans’ new name, they really shouldn’t because, as you’ll see in the video above, pelicans are pretty vicious animals. Don’t go teasing one if you see it because it might take your hand off. These aren’t your regular birds that just eat worms and other bugs–pelicans eat other birds!

That’s right–these are birds of prey, which typically make good mascots for sports teams. And of course, the brown pelican is the state bird of Louisiana and it’s also known as “The Pelican State,” so the new mascot is fitting in that sense. Regardless of the mascot, we can work with it as long as it fits the geographic area to which it’s applied (here’s looking at you, Utah Jazz).

If you have any pet birds, keep them away from pelicans. However, don’t worry about keeping your favorite NBA team away from the Pelicans because the only thing they’ve got going for them is Anthony Davis and they don’t even know how to use him. Oh well…go Pelicans! That still just doesn’t roll off the tongue well.

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