Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn Not Exactly a Match Made in Heaven

Does anyone remember when Tiger Woods was the Michael Jordan of golf? Does anyone recall when he was “the man” and everyone wanted to be like him? We don’t remember that time, either, because it seems like it was a decade ago. Tiger has since fallen from grace, but is now apparently back in the saddle and made it there in style. Recently-divorced Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is reportedly dating the former World No. 1 golfer after the two allegedly spent two getaways together in Antigua and Austria.

These same rumors even say they spent time on ski slopes in Austria, so apparently Vonn is showing Woods the ropes in her sport of expertise. Next thing you know you’ll see them playing a casual round at Augusta with Woods showing her how to use a sand wedge.

Vonn had such a good image! Even her divorce went over smoothly with the media! Now she’s about to ruin it by getting together with the man who is now known to most women simply as “the cheater.”

Well, Woods definitely has a type–blonde models. Vonn is an athlete, but she’s also posed for SI’s Swimsuit Edition, so it’s no secret that she’s good-looking. But with the masses of women who claimed to be Woods’ mistress, Woods must be pretty easy on the ladies’ eyes himself. Well, here’s to a happy whatever this is for the couple. Don’t bet on it to last very long, though.

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